Tuesday, September 28, 2004

work it out

...i have an
with my potential
new employer
tomorrow morning at
8.00am... eek!!
i have to write something here so that my pullquote over there on the right looks good! i guess i will have to tell you a quick story... my first ever job was when i was 15, during the school holidays at the end of 4th form. it involved clearing tables and washing dishes in a cafe in parramatta westfield. my sister was working there full time and she organised it for me. for my labours, i was given the whopping sum of $50 a week (5 days of 7 hours) and was paid in $1 and $2 notes. the cook was a dirty old man who would cop a feel whenever he could. the owner's wife was a penny-pinching bitch - she hit the roof when i put the crap from the bottom of a pot, that had previouly had cabbage rolls cooking in it, in the bin - she was going to use it as the starter for the next batch... i discovered just how disgusting people could be - do you stub your cigarettes out on your dinner plate? at least i finally stopped biting my fingernails - it was the last thing i wanted to do after swilling around in other people's leftovers all day. the worst day was the day of the granville train crash. apart from the shock of something so bad happening so close, it was just a crazy day. no trains went past parramatta, so everyone ended up in parramatta. it was january, so it was hot, the cafe was chock-a-block full. one lady passed out while waiting for a table to become available. despite all of this, i could not wait until i could leave school and start working - i had the taste of earning my own money and spending it however i chose...

so, wish me luck for tomorrow. from the salary range quoted in the job description, this job does not pay much more than what i'm earning now but that part has not been negotiated yet...

today's soundtrack:
the last broadcast : doves
laid (cd single) : james
(must remember to change the disc...)