Friday, September 03, 2004


apart from having a bloggy birthday, today was a pretty good day.

my voice is now the most human sounding it has been for nearly a week. i now just have a frog in my throat and i'm not going to swallow any flies to try and coax him out. the cough is much improved but still nagging me, which was why i decided not to go out to the birthday dinner tonight. i would have had to stay overnight and it's bad enough waking up at 5am and coughing for an hour in my own home, let alone doing it in someone else's house. hopefully, my throat minus it's coterie of germs will let me have my blog back eventually...

happiness challenge: even though the challenge was meant to be for august, i might as well continue...
a good chat with colorado tim. he was very animated today, which is a good thing as he has been a bit down lately.
a new filmink magazine to devour.

today's oldies soundtrack:
my previous post caused a sudden urge to listen to all that good old stuff. they don't make music like they used to...

winter in america : doug ashdown
rock & roll (i gave you the best years of my life) : kevin johnson
i'll be around : doug parkinson
one : john farnham
turn up your radio : master's apprentices
eleanor rigby : zoot
gypsy queen : country radio
smiley : ronnie burns
dear prudence : doug parkinson
a little ray of sunshine : axiom
it's because i love you : master's apprentices
the real thing : russell morris
sweet sweet love : russell morris
eloise : barry ryan
baker street : gerry rafferty
angie baby : helen reddy
open your heart : g. wayne thomas
i've got to have you : carly simon

today's modern soundtrack:
get ready : new order
substance (disc one) : new order
when it's all over we still have to clear up : snow patrol

all soundtrack songs made all the more enjoyable because i sang along with my scratchy voice - it kept me amused - the high notes are very hard to get to when you sound like a strangled cat