Sunday, September 05, 2004


another quiet day. my voice is still not 100% normal but i'll return to work tomorrow. i'm going mad staying at home. at least the housework is done. i was very domestic today and cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the carpet, cleaned up my bedroom & cooked some dinner.

there was another thunder/hail storm this afternoon. the sky to the west was brilliant blue with fluffy white clouds yet the sky over the ocean was grey and stormy. i could see both from my window and it was very odd.

  1. Reporter:: journalist
  2. Mythology:: folklore
  3. Wimbledon:: little italy
  4. Civilization:: inca
  5. Punctuation:: commas and stuff
  6. Party Games:: spin the bottle
  7. Flawless:: skin
  8. Unprecedented:: never before
  9. Curry:: yum!
  10. Tropical:: paradise
today's soundtrack:
karma : delirium
diva : annie lennox
hopes & fears : keane
the final straw : snow patrol
the runaway found : the veils