Tuesday, September 14, 2004

music to my ears

i couldn't wait until payday. i got the bus home with miss e and she had to go to the music store to get a cd. i went with her and bought some cheap tdk earphones - they were only $12.95 and they sound alright. when i'm cashed up, i'll get some good sony ones. for now, i'm just happy to have music again! in her capacity as my music stylist, miss e has lent me 'the libertines' self titled cd and echoes by 'the rapture'. i'm having a listen now and will reserve my decision for when i've heard both at least twice.

tee hee hee - a favourite place of mine has some new silliness. go have a look!

i've been a very good girl and cleaned up my flat tonight. my good friend and bowling buddy, ho, is visiting tomorrow night. this kind and generous friend is going to install his spare digital tv tuner for me. my tv reception is pretty sad - i spend more time adjusting the 'bunny ears' aerial than i do watching and even then, half the time it's just snow or blue lines. i figured i should at least have my place looking like a human lives here. susan 1 - slothfulness 0!!

p.s. i'm on the first listen of 'the libertines' and i think i like it!