Thursday, September 30, 2004

easy money

i still don't know about the job!! the girl from the agency called this afternoon but because i was shackled to my desk by my headset wearing my call centre hat, i missed the call. i called back but she was in a meeting so we did not manage to connect. when she called back, i missed the call as i was attending a market research session - $100 cash for spending 3 hours talking about lowfat milk. the brand that i use is having an image makeover, coming soon to a supermarket near you (but only if you live in new south wales, australia...) there was another girl there who is a friend of my friend harryo's old flatmate - as soon as i saw her, i knew that i had seen her before. (if you read this, ho, it was asha who used to hang out at that bloody awful winebar in bondi and she said to say hello!)

i think i may explode with impatience about this job thing. the first thing i will do when i get to work tomorrow is call the agency - i have to know and soon!!

today's soundtrack:
the runaway found : the veils