Wednesday, September 01, 2004

cookies and death

another day at home. today's voice is something like a confused goose. still coughing but it's finally starting to ease. another visit to the doctor who has decided i should stay home for the rest of the week. friday is my rostered day off so i'm hoping i'm better by then!!! i'm so bloody bored but i know that if i go back to work before it's all cleared up, it will probably get worse before it gets better.

to relieve the boredom, i went to the video store and got 5 dvds for $5, they are:

best in show
waiting for guffman
welcome to the dollhouse
a beautiful mind
better than sex

i have them for a week but i'm sure i'll be back there on friday getting another 5. so far i've watched 'best in show' and it is a hoot (with lots of dogs as the bonus) & 'welcome to the dollhouse'. this is funny in parts but also heartbreakingly sad. i'm so glad i was somewhere in the middle during school - never totally cool but not totally daggy although i had friends at both ends of the scale.

a rather weird coincidence... both 'welcome to the dollhouse' and 'best in show' have a character called 'cookie'. i was just watching 'the simpsons' and there was a character in this particular episode called... can you guess??? yes! cookie! perhaps my 'fortune' is about to change...

happiness challenge:
the rest of my amazon uk treasures arrived today.

i guess happiness has it's opposite. found out today that an old friend, michael, the brother of one of my housemates from back in the early 80s, passed away recently. i don't really have any more details but i'm going to try and find out more. he was a lovely boy and we had a lot of fun together - he took me to the zoo for my 21st birthday present.
about 2 years ago i found out that he had become quite well known for his photographic and film work and during the 2003 sydney festival, he had some if his work displayed above circular quay railway station. during the festival, he was scheduled to give a talk, at the museum of contemporary art, about his work, so i got some tickets and miss e and i went along. sadly, he did not do the presentation due to illness but his brother-in-law stood in for him. as we were leaving the lecture theatre, i spotted michael but he was obviously unwell and surrounded by his family. i thought it better not to intrude, but did ask his brother-in-law to pass on my best wishes. i hope he got them. in the meantime, i'm sending out hugs and love through the universe to his sister wendy and the rest of their family. i'm so proud of him for what he achieved.