Tuesday, September 07, 2004

sharing the love

apart from sharing a surname, a blog birthday, being 43 and the 3rd child of three, there is no evidence that i am related to this gentleman. i found out today that his dad is unwell so i'm asking you to please visit his blog and leave some hugs and stuff.

my day was ok. 5 dogs. my voice is about 96% normal but deemed bad enough by my manager that i didn't have to do my hour of enforced slavery as call centre backup - yeah!!

a late post tonight because i've been cooking. we're having a team lunch tomorrow and everybody is bringing in something special. i've made a vegetable nut crumble. a bit time consuming but sooooooooo delicious - a baking dish lined with cooked brown rice, filled with veges cooked with tomatoes and herbs, topped with grated cheese and breadcrumb/crushed nut crumble topping, baked until golden brown - one of my alltime favourite things to eat! (recipe available on request...) i've made two, a big one to take to work and a smaller one for me to feast on later this week.

today's soundtrack:
the runaway found : the veils
hopes & fears : keane