Sunday, September 26, 2004

out and about

after a day spent doing nowt, at 5.00pm i dragged my butt out the door and went for a walk down to coogee. a beautiful 25°C spring day so there were lots of people about and 22 dogs were spotted having fun.

eastern sunset...
somwhere on the horizon is the spirit of tasmania - sadly my phonecam does not have enough voom to get all the details...

waves on sand

inspired by the skyline project.

  1. Diminishing:: disappearing
  2. Fed up:: not hard up
  3. 3:00 AM:: not often seen but it's not pretty when i do...
  4. Interfere:: mess with
  5. Often:: but not always
  6. Hay:: market
  7. Prediction:: clairvoyance
  8. Homophobia:: unnecessary prejudice
  9. Booty call:: um... i have no idea...
  10. Enunciate:: elocution
soundtrack of the last whenever:
the last broadcast : doves
the final straw : snow patrol
when it's all over we still have to clear up : snow patrol
son of evil reindeer : reindeer section
the runaway found : the veils
a song is a city : eskimo joe